Good Outcome in another Criminal Case

Our client, an International student, is satisfied with the outcome of his criminal case. The case, State of Ohio v. Chen, Case No. 17CRB00347, was prosecuted at the Oberlin Municipal Court. Our client was charged with two first-degree misdemeanors — assault and domestic violence. Such charges, if convicted, would result him to be immediately deported.

A unique fact in this case was that the client admitted the wrong and much more when he was confronted by the police officers. Thus, his admission was the most fatal fact in the case.  After motion to suppress and suppression hearing, the court ruled that his admission would not be excluded. The case was scheduled for the trial and we were prepared for going forward.

But in the final pretrial, the prosecution offered a charge that was much less in severity. The Client decided to take the plea bargain.  The reduced charge will not affect client’s visa and his stay in the United States. Thus a satisfactory result for the client.

Even though we were prepared for trial, the client must make all important decisions, such as taking or rejecting the plea bargain, as it was in this case.  Trial is risky. If defense wins, the client wins all, if defense loses, the consequence could be huge.

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