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Another Criminal Cases Dismissed

One more criminal case against our client was dismissed on September 16, 2016. The case 2016 CRB 661 involved a charge of prostitution. Such charge, if established, would destroy the client’s life since she is a young woman.

We are committed to maximizing the chances of winning your case, even when it means beating the odds. In this case, prosecution claimed to have video and undercover police as witnesses. But after careful review of the evidence, we believe that the case was not as strong as the prosecution would like us to believe. After negotiation, the prosecutor dismissed the case against our client. Our client was thrilled.

If you are facing criminal charges, please contact us. The initial consultation is free.

Two Criminal Cases Dismissed

Two criminal cases against our clients were dismissed on September 14, 2016 in the Massillon Municipal Court. 2015-CRB-02525 & 2015-CRB-02527 involved two defendants with multiple M1 charges. We worked on both cases diligently, gathered large amount of evidence, and filed motion to suppress. In the end, the prosecutor dismissed both cases.

Our approach in criminal cases is thorough defense. With so much at the stake, your freedom, relationships, career, and future opportunities, you absolutely need a strong representation of a firm that is one hundred percent committed to fight for your best interest. We can help to reduce heavy fines, lengthy incarceration, parole and other harsh penalties.

Our firm is also equipped to provide legal representation to clients from various backgrounds and ethnicities, especially clients from Asia. We have teamed up with experienced interpreting services to provide other languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Croatian, Korean, Filipino, Hindi, Japanese, Laotian, Vietnamese, etc. Our attorneys speak Chinese and Cantonese.

If you need a good lawyer to defend you in a criminal case, you will not be disappointed by our work. Contact us. The initial consultation is free.

Attorney Lei Jiang has been elected to the 2016 Ohio Rising Star

Super Lawyers® congratulates Ms. Jiang to be selected to the 2016 Ohio Rising Stars list, an honor reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice.

Ms. Jiang was selected to the Ohio Rising Starts in 2015, in her fifth year of legal practice. Since then, she has continued the pursuit of excellence in the legal profession.  Meanwhile, she regularly provides free legal service to low income people and people who have an English language barrier.

Decisions of many of her cases have been published by various legal media.  Ms. Jiang is also beloved by most of her clients. Clients write thank-you letters to her office regularly.  Some of them even went to Avvo to give her raving 5 star rating.

Ms. Jiang’s achievement is also recognized by courts in other states.  When she was admitted in Michigan on July 16, 2015, the Fourth Circuit Court commended, on the record, on Ms. Jiang’s impressive work and her devotion to pro bono work and community service.

Ms. Jiang also received many other honors, such as Best Attorneys in America, Avvo Clients Award and a number of community service awards.  We hope Ms. Jiang will continue to improve and continue the service to the less privileged.

A Successful Motion in the Sixth Circuit

Our firm recently filed a successful motion (motion for stay of removal) with the Sixth Circuit in a case Yu v. Lynch, U.S. Attorney General, Case No. 15-3516. Our motion is thorough in facts and accurate in law.  We also filed all of the necessary supporting documents.  As a result of our motion, the office of U.S. Attorney General conceded to our position and filed a non-opposition to our motion.

The attorneys at our firm are not intimidated by the size of the opponent and the endless resources that the opponent seems to possess.  We believe in the law, in facts, and, most importantly, in justice.

This is an immigration case.  Its procedural history also indicates the complexity of this case.  The case had been appealed twice to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Lei Jiang Law Firm is retained for the appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, the 2nd highest court in the nation.

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A Successful 15 Million Dollar Merger and Acquisition Deal

Lei Jiang Law Firm is foremost a business and transactional law firm. We routinely close various business deals for our clients.  Most of our deals involve business, real estate, and intellectual property.  A sizable portion of our work involves international deals.  Because of the confidential nature of the deals that we work on, we seldom comment on them.

Recently our firm,working with an out-of-state firm, completed a $15 million dollar merger and acquisition (M&A) deal in Ohio.  This is a private deal involving international parties. Although complex, the closing was on target and relatively smooth.  There were no major issues in the post-merger integration.  All of the attorneys involved have performed excellent jobs.

If you have merger and acquisition needs or questions, please contact us.  The initial consultation is free.

Lei Jiang Law Firm Achieved Victory in Two Felony Cases

Our clients celebrated victories on June 4, 2015 when we successfully negotiated plea agreements allowing our clients to avoid any type of penalty including jail time and fines.  The cases, State of Ohio v. Chen and State of Ohio v. Xue, Case Nos. B 1501866-A and B 1501866-B were both before the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas in Cincinnati.  Both of our clients were charged with three separate felonies, and each faced at least 18 months in jail and fines of $15,000 if convicted.

We fought hard for our clients from the very beginning by carefully studying the facts, prosecution’s evidence, and the strengths and the weaknesses of both sides.  Our diligence paid off. We were able to explain the cases clearly to the Judge and to negotiate effectively with the prosecutor.  In the end, the deal allowed our clients to plead guilty to only one misdemeanor each in exchange for the prosecution’s dismissal of their six felony charges.  Our clients did not even have to pay any fines or court costs!

At Lei Jiang Law Firm, we are passionate about the justice, our work, and our responsibility to the clients.  We work tirelessly to do the right thing and to protect clients’ interests.  Regardless of whether yours is a criminal or civil case, we are driven to get you the best results that you deserve.

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Lei Jiang Law Firm Secured Preliminary Injunction to Freeze Defendant’s Asset

On May 7, 2015, Federal Judge John R. Adams of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District granted our motion for a preliminary injunction freezing the assets of a corporate defendant.  In this case, Jieyi Electronics Co., Ltd. et al. v. Case Industries, Inc., et al. case no. 5:14-CV-1996, we represent two manufacturers who have sued their former customer, Case Industries, Inc. and its owners.  Our clients seek to recover over $1.3 million from defendants.  During the lawsuit, we motioned the court to freeze corporate defendant’s bank account and to stop the spending of corporate money by individual defendants.  Based on sufficient evidence, pertinent legal authorities, and convincing arguments, the court granted our motion.

Preliminary injunctions are called “extraordinary remedy.” They are very difficult to apply and rare to be granted by courts.  In this case, our attorneys reviewed over a thousand pages of financial documents, carefully followed the trace of money, timely detected all irregularities, prepared thorough brief and reply, and argued convincingly in the court why this “extraordinary remedy” was the only remedy to reach the just result.  In the end, our efforts paid off, and while the case is not over, our clients now have a much better chance of recovering after the trial.

Excellence is our goal in every case we handle, big or small, prosecution or defense, in federal courts or in state courts.  Top quality and excellent service is our promise.  So, if you need legal service, please contact us. The initial consultation is free.

Click here for the order issued in this case.

Application for Regional Center designation is approved without RFE

On May 19, 2015, we received a great news from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that our application on behalf of a client for a regional center designation was approved.  USCIS approved our application in less than a year and without any requests for evidence (RFE).  This is very rare, and shows that our application is of the finest quality.

At Lei Jiang LLC, we routinely file various immigration applications and petitions.  Our success rate has been approaching 100% (excluding cap related limitations and back log issues).  We carefully prepare each application, provide additional documents, and explain clearly and concise about the issues to USCIS.  As a result, the applications prepared by our firm have a measurable advantage over applications prepared by others.

EB 5 immigration is said to be the most complex area of immigration law.  It is called “the cream of immigration law.”  Setting up and providing legal service to a regional center is deemed to be the cream of the crop.   Yet, with skills and determination, the attorneys at Lei Jiang LLC have achieved remarkable feat in a relatively short period of time.

For any immigration issues, please feel free to contact us. The initial consultation is free.

Default Judgment Granted In a Real Estate Case

On Thursday May 7, 2015, Federal Judge James Gwin of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio granted our motion for default judgment against two corporate defendants.  The case, Peiping Ji, et al. v. CA Condo Management, LLC, et al. case no. 14-CV-2575, is a complex case involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud perpetrated by two real estate developers and their companies.  Clients are ten individual investors who bought the real estate from Defendants who misrepresented the facts.

Courts are generally hesitant to grant default judgment, and they tend to use this “extraordinary remedy” only in very rare cases.  But in this case, our attention to details and hard work paid off and the court granted our motion against two real estate companies.  The case will continue in the district court.

We are passionate about our work and totally focused on the result. If you need top top-quality legal service, please contact us for a free consultation.

Lei Jiang Law Firm Successfully Dismissed All Claims against a Client in a Trademark Infringement Case

On Monday, April 20, 2015, we succeeded at defending our client’s interests in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas in Columbus, Ohio.  The case, Sherwin-Williams Company v. Jennie C. Li, et al,. No. 15 CV 001852, was an intellectual property suit brought by Sherwin-Williams, the third largest paint retailer in the country, against our client and two others.  Sherwin-Williams alleged four causes of action against our client: trademark infringement, deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, and tortious interference with a prospective business relationship.

From the very beginning, we thoroughly gathered all evidence, carefully reviewed all documents, and conducted an extensive legal research. As a result we were able to prepare a motion with complete facts and in-depth legal analysis to dismiss all of Sherwin-Williams’ claims. Our arguments were so persuasive, that before the judge could even rule on our motion, Sherwin-Williams voluntarily dismissed all of its claims against our client without any liability attaching!  Our swift and effective work thus saved our client time, money, and the stress of litigation.

At Lei Jiang Law Firm, we deliver the result.  Whether you are a Plaintiff (sues others) or Defendant (being sued by others), we provide the same quality service.  Our ambition is to always realize yours!

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