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A Successful Trial in U.S. District Court for Northern District of Ohio

One more successful trial was conducted by attorneys in Lei Jiang Law Firm. Attorney Jiang was the lead counsel. He, et al. v. Rom, et al., Case No. 1:15-CV-01869, was initially filed as a class action in the U.S. District Court for Northern District of Ohio. Three Plaintiffs represented a class of 140 people against eight individual and corporate defendants.  Class action, international parties, service issues, taking evidence under Hague Convention, and electronic discovery all render this case one of the most complex cases.  But we see it as an opportunity to establish ourselves in the global litigation and advanced dispute resolution arena.

Electronic discovery presented a unique challenge in this case.  Our firm represented Plaintiffs and were dumped with 86 gigabyte (GB) of electronic stored information (ESI) after a successful motion to compel filed by us.  The dumping was just one month before the discovery cut off deadline. Considering that 1GB typically contains 64,782 pages of documents (more pages for email files).  86 GB contains an enormous amount of documents for review. Yet, we swiftly employed a comprehensive strategy, utilized latest software and platform, and conducted document review in the most effective and efficient manner.  Our team, attorneys and computer forensic expert, worked diligently on the data.   As a result, the relevant information was quickly extracted for litigation. We were able to review a large amount of information within a relatively short period of time.

Although Plaintiffs’ effort in class certification failed, the final result was a success. The case proceeded to the trial.  Four day trial resulted a complete victory for our clients.  Plaintiffs prevailed on all claims submitted to the jury, including fraud and violation of Ohio Deceptive Trade Practice Action.  Plaintiffs also successfully pierced corporate veils of all remaining corporate defendants – make their owner personally liable for the corporate misconduct. Finally, Plaintiffs were awarded with punitive damage and attorney fee.  This is a stunning victory for Plaintiffs, considering fraud, piercing the corporate veil, and seeking punitive damage were the most difficult tasks in any lawsuit.

In this case, we also utilized new technology for virtual remote deposition and contemporaneous transmission of trial testimony from the other side of the globe – Hong Kong.  The new technology we used was tested first time in the Northern District of Ohio.  It significantly reduced the cost, and eased restrictions on time, place, facility and equipment.  In this case, legal expertise and technologies were worked together seamlessly.

It must be mentioned that Plaintiffs were lucky to have the case be heard in the court of honorable Judge James Gwin.  Judge Gwin took no shortcuts, made no detours, and in this case, he made the full journey necessary to accomplish justice.

If you or your company need a competent law firm to handle international disputes or litigation, please contact us.

Attorney Lei Jiang has been elected to the 2017 Super Lawyers Rising Star

Ms. Jiang is selected to Super Lawyers Rising Star in 2017, an honor reserved for only 2.5% of lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice in their early years.

Ms. Jiang was first selected to the Ohio Rising Starts in 2015. Since then, she has continued the pursuit of excellence in the legal profession and has been selected as Rising Star continuously since.

A program of Thomson Reuters, Ohio Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers who, through a peer review and independent research process, have been identified as attaining a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. Only the top 5 percent of Ohio’s 40,000 lawyers and the top 2.5 percent of up-and-coming Ohio lawyers are named to the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists.

Since being admitted to the Ohio bar in 2009, Ms. Jiang has focused her practice on business and related dispute resolutions. From local transactions to international transactions, Ms. Jiang represents clients in all aspects of the deals. In addition to busy deal making, Ms. Jiang also help clients to resolve business disputes, secure patent and other intellectual properties, and obtain proper visas for international clients so they could conduct business in the United States. Although Ms. Jiang is still in her early years of practice, the breath and the depth of her areas and knowledge is remarkable. She is not only a licensed patent lawyer and an immigration attorney, but also regularly counsel clients on business and tax issues.

Media Report of Zheng, et al. v. SouFun, et al.

On August 23, 2015, Ms. Zheng and several others, as representatives of a class, filed a class action at U.S. District Court Northern District of Ohio against the biggest online real estate investment portal in China SouFun Holding Ltd. and SouFun International Ltd.

The complaint alleged fraud, violation of Ohio Deceptive Trade Practice Act, violation of Ohio Consumer Sales Practice Law, violation of Ohio real estate law, unjust enrichment, and breach of fiduciary duty. Lei Jiang Law Firm represents Plaintiffs and the class.
Since this is a case involving international parties, the service was a challenge because it must go through Hague Convention service of process. Plaintiffs successfully perfected the service through Hague Convention.

Major Chinese media in China and U.S. have reported this case. The case is closely watched by many due to the ever increasing trend of Chinese investing in U.S. and global real estate.

For report from the People’s Daily, the official media, click here.
Reports from the biggest Chinese media (in Chinese) QQ, SinaSOHUNETEASE.
Reports from the biggest U.S. Chinese media (in Chinese) USChinaPress中金在线.

Another Criminal Cases Dismissed

One more criminal case against our client was dismissed on September 16, 2016. The case 2016 CRB 661 involved a charge of prostitution. Such charge, if established, would destroy the client’s life since she is a young woman.

We are committed to maximizing the chances of winning your case, even when it means beating the odds. In this case, prosecution claimed to have video and undercover police as witnesses. But after careful review of the evidence, we believe that the case was not as strong as the prosecution would like us to believe. After negotiation, the prosecutor dismissed the case against our client. Our client was thrilled.

If you are facing criminal charges, please contact us. The initial consultation is free.

Two Criminal Cases Dismissed

Two criminal cases against our clients were dismissed on September 14, 2016 in the Massillon Municipal Court. 2015-CRB-02525 & 2015-CRB-02527 involved two defendants with multiple M1 charges. We worked on both cases diligently, gathered large amount of evidence, and filed motion to suppress. In the end, the prosecutor dismissed both cases.

Our approach in criminal cases is thorough defense. With so much at the stake, your freedom, relationships, career, and future opportunities, you absolutely need a strong representation of a firm that is one hundred percent committed to fight for your best interest. We can help to reduce heavy fines, lengthy incarceration, parole and other harsh penalties.

Our firm is also equipped to provide legal representation to clients from various backgrounds and ethnicities, especially clients from Asia. We have teamed up with experienced interpreting services to provide other languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Croatian, Korean, Filipino, Hindi, Japanese, Laotian, Vietnamese, etc. Our attorneys speak Chinese and Cantonese.

If you need a good lawyer to defend you in a criminal case, you will not be disappointed by our work. Contact us. The initial consultation is free.

Proposed EB-5 Legislation

To keep the government running, the Congress has just approved another stopgap continuing resolution, which means that the EB-5 program will remain for most of the 2016. However, it has been widely anticipated that legislation in some form will be enacted shortly to renew and reform the Program.

The current EB-5 program, which offers a family-sized set of green cards to foreigners who directly invest $1 million, or invest $500,000 into targeted employment areas (“TEAs”), has been very popular among Chinese investors in recent years.

Under the proposed legislation, once passed, the minimum investment amount in rural and high-unemployment areas would be increased from $500,000 to $800,000. For the investment projects that already had I-924 and I-526 approvals, they will enjoy a 60-day grace period. Thus, if investors submit the application within 30 days of the effective date of the new legislation, the investment amount is $600,000; between the 31st day and the 60th day, the amount is $700,000; and starting the 61st day, the amount will be adjusted to $800,000. Investment to non-TEAs will be adjusted to $1.2 million.

Also, the new legislation will redefine what constitutes the TEA. TEA designation will be tightened up. Further, the new legislation will allot a certain number of visas to different investment categories, such as 2,000 visas for projects in rural areas and 2,000 visas for people who invest $1 million, while the total number of visas remains the same.

Finally the new legislation will require more disclosure regarding how the capital is being utilized, and investors’ source of funds. The current EB-5 program has been under fire when 35 Chinese investors who lost nearly $20 million in South Dakota’s EB-5 program sued the state for fraud.

Although investors can be relieved for now, changes are likely to come. Our firm will monitor closely of any development. Let’s sit tight and wait for what is coming. Please contact us for any EB5 questions.

Another Criminal Charge against Our Client Is Dismissed

Another serious criminal charge against our client was dismissed in this month. The case, State of Ohio v. Zhou, Case No. CRB 1500169 was before Huron Municipal Court. The Client was charged for sexual imposition and the story was reported on the front page of the local newspaper.  The offense was allegedly committed in the convention center at Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio.

After extensive discovery, it became apparent that our Client was innocent.  He was falsely accused in retaliation for discovering the theft at one of the conference booth at the conference.  We submitted many witnesses’ statements and evidence that were in direct conflict to prosecution’s evidence.  In the end the case was dismissed. The Client was as happy as he could be.

In this case the police was deceived by the false accusations, but in the end the prosecution made the right decision to dismiss the charge against an innocent man.  We were very happy that we were able to save an innocent man from a nasty criminal charge.

We take the cases with merits and diligently work for our clients. Prosecuting or defending, we fight for innocent and/or injured people.  What bring us to the practice of the law, keep us going, and struggle to secure a final win is the simple idea of justice.

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New Office in Detroit Michigan

We are excited to announce that Lei Jiang Law Firm will open an office in Detroit, Michigan. The office will provide services to our manufacturer clients, handle certain transactional work and federal litigation.  The office is located at the heart of business parks, at 6550 Sims Dr., Sterling Heights.  This is an addition to our main office in Cleveland area.  We hope to serve our clients better with our new office in Detroit, Michigan.

Attorney Lei Jiang has been elected to the 2016 Ohio Rising Star

Super Lawyers® congratulates Ms. Jiang to be selected to the 2016 Ohio Rising Stars list, an honor reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice.

Ms. Jiang was selected to the Ohio Rising Starts in 2015, in her fifth year of legal practice. Since then, she has continued the pursuit of excellence in the legal profession.  Meanwhile, she regularly provides free legal service to low income people and people who have an English language barrier.

Decisions of many of her cases have been published by various legal media.  Ms. Jiang is also beloved by most of her clients. Clients write thank-you letters to her office regularly.  Some of them even went to Avvo to give her raving 5 star rating.

Ms. Jiang’s achievement is also recognized by courts in other states.  When she was admitted in Michigan on July 16, 2015, the Fourth Circuit Court commended, on the record, on Ms. Jiang’s impressive work and her devotion to pro bono work and community service.

Ms. Jiang also received many other honors, such as Best Attorneys in America, Avvo Clients Award and a number of community service awards.  We hope Ms. Jiang will continue to improve and continue the service to the less privileged.

Lei Jiang Law Firm Obtained Full Settlement on the Eve of Trial

We are proud to announce that we have reached a full settlement for our client in one of our federal cases, Seaway v. Healthcare Information, LLC Case No. 1:13-cv-494.  The case, which is before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, arose from a breach of contract by a Cincinnati-based company.

The case was handled rigorously by the both sides from the very beginning. Parties went through all discovery including depositions. We filed a motion for summary judgement, and the defense filed an opposition. There was no sight of settlement in this nearly two year battle. The trial was scheduled, evidence was gathered, and trial documents were all prepared.  Because of our thorough preparation for the trial, and also because of the weighted evidence against defendant, in the eve of the trial, the defendant finally surrendered to the pressure and agreed to not only compensate Plaintiff for all contract damages, but also Plaintiff’s consequential damages. This result is the best result we can achieve assuming we proceed with the trial with a total victory.

The trial has become a rare business in litigation, but thorough preparation of it will still yield huge dividends. From the client’s perspective, this win is even sweeter than a win after trial – same result with less legal fee! In other words, if the lawyer is effective, she can achieve a great success without even going through a trial.

Our passion can be seen from all of the cases that we handle, and our quality can be verified by the results.  If you want justice and results, you need our team on your side.

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