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Lei Jiang Law Firm is committed to support the communities. Our attorneys undertake pro bono projects in many areas of the law. No distinction is made between pro bono clients and our paying clients.


We open our doors and our phone lines on Saturday afternoon for you — people who need help but could not afford an attorney.  The hours are from 1 pm to 5 pm. Appointments are recommended, but not required.

Simple requirements

Bring your ID such as driver license, passport, or others, preferably with your picture on it. You also need to fill out a simple form at our office asking your basic information such as name, address, issues, etc. You will have to attest that you are a person with low income.

If you do not speak English or Chinese, you should bring a friend who can speak one of these languages so we can understand your issue.  Aside from that, our help is open to all, regardless of your race, nationality, gender, or other categories that separate us. We welcome you!

Matters to bring and scope of the work

The legal areas of our service include civil rights, immigration, criminal defense, housing rights, family matters/domestic violence, and other areas within our practice. Due to the limited hours and resource, the service will be limited to consultation, simple document preparation, simple cases, etc. Please bring all relevant documents with you so we can help you more effectively.

We hope to see you here and be helpful.

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