Civil Litigation in 2020

The Supreme Court of Ohio issued an order effectuating and expanding upon the emergency legislation Governor DeWine signed into law on March 27, 2020 in response to COVID-19, which tolled statutes of limitations, as well as litigation deadlines and timelines.  The Court’s order reflects the judicial branch’s reciprocation of H.B. 197 legislation and orders that all “time requirements” that are set to expire between March 9, 2020 and July 30, 2020 are tolled.  In effect, the order tolls all litigation deadlines that are due March 9 through July 30.

The order does allow for a court to supersede the tolling provision by issuing an order of its own on or after March 9, 2020.  Some courts, however, seem to be determined to press ahead due to concerns of unmanageable heavy case load down the road. Overall, the progress of civil cases is slowed in light of the pandemic.

Firmwide, we see no decrease of civil cases in 2020.  Five breach of contract cases alone came in before April 2020. Civil litigation is a big part of our practice. Our core substantive practice areas of corporate, business, real estate, international, and intellectual property often involve complex disputes that must be resolved in federal court. As a result, we have developed expertise capable of handling the most significant matters. 

In a civil litigation, we handle matters from pre-complaint investigation, through discovery, summary judgment, trial, and the appeals process. We are experienced yet small enough to ensure that client service remains at the forefront of every engagement. So, if you are burdened by business disputes, let us help you. For legal issues, please contact us.

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