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In a world where health care is continually at the forefront of peoples’ minds, we understand the importance of providing high-quality legal services to both providers and the patients. We are well versed with the laws and regulations that impact health care industry, and are pleased to offer legal service related to health care law. In particular, our health care law services include:

  1. Compliance of Laws
    1. HIPAA
    2. HITECH
  2. Medicare Services
    1. Accountable Care Organizations
    2. Provider and Supplier Enrollment
    3. Revalidation
  3. Patient Care and Management
  4. Health Care Business Services
    1. Hospital-physician relationships and contracts,
    2. Joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions,
    3. Fraud, abuse counseling, and defending,
    4. Corporate compliance programs,
    5. Medical staff credentialing,
    6. Managed care contracts, supplier contracts, warranties, etc.
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