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Lei Jiang law firm provides excellent service and delivers great results in M&A transactions. We focus on details, map out the best route, provide real time responses, minimize liabilities, and assist our clients in every way we can.

Here are some of the recent M&A deals that we have handled:

  1. King-Mazon Machinery Co.’s acquisition of Risk Industries LLC (d/b/a Pines Technology), 2012, asset deal, manufacturing (heavy machinery).
  2. New Sheng Hung, Inc.’s acquisition of Sheng Hung Hong, Inc. 2012, stock deal, food supply chain.
  3. Wang Chun Yan’s asset acquisition of Rao’s Hospitality Inc. 2013, asset deal, restaurants and motel.
  4. Shenyang Heavy Forge Hydraulic Press Manufacture Ltd. Corp.’s acquisition of several U.S. business entities, 2013-2014, stock deal, manufacturing (heavy machinery).
  5. Tianjin HMC IMP&EXP Co. Ltd’s acquisition of Premium Contractor Solution, 2014, stock deal, manufacturing (auto parts).
  6. Shouping Xue’s acquisition of Cleveland Urban Aquaculture, 2014, stock deal, urban agriculture.

If you have any question regarding your merger or acquisition, please contact us.

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