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Lei Jiang law firm will not only help you to complete the deal, but will also provide unmatched support after the deal is closed.  For example:

  • We can continue providing support to meet the acquirer’s daily legal needs;
  • We can offer support in managing your intellectual property related assets and issues.  IP is one of our focal areas and we can certainly help you by drafting IP documents, applying for trademarks or patents, or negotiating licenses;
  • We can help you with any issues related to labor and employment. For example, we can prepare employment contracts, non-compete agreements, executive compensation issues, and labor policy.  This is an often-litigated area, so care must be taken to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • In many of our international deals, the acquirer needs immigration support after the transaction.  For example, the acquirer’s upper level management will need to get certain U.S. visas or work permits.  This is right up our alley.

The list goes on.  Why we are the best choice for your merger or acquisition deal? Why are we the top choice for deals involving international parties? Here are the reasons:

  • we can provide comprehensive legal service,
  • we understand the complexity and challenge of international deals,
  • we can handle different languages and cultures,
  • we can execute the deals successfully,
  • we can address your specific needs, such as immigration, IP, real estate, etc.,
  • we have unparalleled knowledge and ability in the Chinese and Asian markets, and
  • we execute the deals with outmost care and provide clients with real time response.

Not surprisingly, all of our M & A clients have very positive opinions of us.
Each M&A deal has its own features, but in general, the transactions involve several steps.  They are:

  • Determine the targets,
  • Get the permit and money ready, think about the type of transaction,
  • Prepare a confidentiality agreement,
  • Get Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), and valuation,
  • Send an Indication of Interest (IOI),
  • Conduct meetings,
  • Prepare Letter of Intent (LOI),
  • Conduct due diligence,
  • Execute Purchase Agreement,
  • Close the deal, and
  • Perform post-closing adjustments/integration.

We are dedicated to your success. Most importantly, we want to be your long term partner to achieve all you can achieve. Please contact us for your questions.  Initial consultation is free.

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