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Whether you need to form an Accountable Care Organization, or wish to become a Medicare service provider, we can help you.  When it comes to Medicare, we offer our clients three main services: 1) Accountable Care Organization formation; 2) Provider and Supplier Enrollment; and 3) Revalidation.

Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are organizations of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers whose choose to work together to give coordinated, high quality care to their Medicare patients.  As a group, the providers agree to be responsible for the overall cost, quality, and care of their patients.

Included in the Affordable Care Act, ACOs are designed for optimal efficiency.  They achieve this goal by providing coordinated care.  Coordinated care allows doctors to ensure that their patients get the right care at the right time, and thus avoids unnecessary duplication of services and reduces the occurrence of medical errors.

Forming an ACO is not as simple as forming a business, however.  ACOs must comply with Medicare’s standards and requirements, and providers who wish to form an ACO must adhere to a strict and complicated application process.  Despite the initial challenges of forming an ACO, the benefits that they provide in terms of quality and efficiency make them well worth the work.

Provider and Supplier Enrollment

In order to provide services to Medicare patients, and in order to receive payment for those services, you must adhere to Medicare’s enrollment process.  The enrollment process varies depending on the type of services that you provide and the type of organization that you are a part of.  For instance, the application process for a medical clinic is not the same as the application for a provider of prosthetics or other medical devices.

Our attorneys can provide a number of services to medical professionals looking to enroll as providers and suppliers with Medicare.  We will guide you through the regulatory and legal pitfalls that arise during the application process.  We can also offer advice on the various application requirements and applicable regulations.  Further, we can complete the entire application process on behalf of our clients.


Under the Affordable Care Act, all Medicare providers and suppliers who enrolled before March 25, 2011 are required to revalidate their enrollment information because the new law imposes additional criteria.  Thus, just as we assist new providers and suppliers with initial enrollment, we offer the same quality service to existing providers and suppliers and can assist you through every step of the revalidation process.

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