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Because of the importance of health care and the fact that sooner or later every American will need some form of health care, sound patient care, management, and policies are crucial to remain competitive and viable in this ever-growing industry.  In this regard, we can assist health care providers in addressing the various issues that surround patient care and with creating, implementing, and reviewing hospital and clinic policies.

First, we can assist health care professionals and organizations alike on the myriad of issues that arise concerning patient rights, informed consent, privacy, and ethics.  We can review operating procedures for compliance with patient bills of rights and other legislation affecting how medical decisions are made and by whom.  Additionally, we can assist clients by drafting and reviewing crucial documents such as patient release forms and consent forms.  Further, we are able to counsel our clients and offer indispensable advice on how to handle breaches of privacy as well as the ethical and legal ramifications associated with different courses of action.

Second, we can help in creating, implementing, and reviewing policies.  The importance of having sound operating policies in place is threefold.  First, maintaining and enforcing policies helps to ensure compliance with government regulations such as HIPAA.  With written policies and directives in place for hospital and clinic staff, it is much more likely that healthcare providers will be in compliance with regulations and patient rights, thus significantly reducing the risk of penalties for violations.  Second, sound operating policies are crucial to providing uniform, quality care which, in turn, can boost efficiency and patient satisfaction.  And, third, having policies in place can be one of the strongest prophylactic measures available as it requires providers to have a solution in place before problems arise.

Third, we can assist individual and institutional clients with obtaining and maintaining licensing, certifications, and accreditation necessary to operate and provide patient services.  For licensing, we can assist clients through every step of the application process and can appeal license denials.  When it comes to accreditation, we can advise our clients on the latest accreditation standards and how to comply with them when their institution is reviewed.  Further, we can advise on the accreditation implications that may arise as the result of certain courses of actions such as capital development, mergers and acquisitions, and the addition of new services.

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