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Lei Jiang LLC is a Cleveland litigation and business law firm. We offer a full range of legal services in the areas of business, immigration, Intellectual Properties, and real estate to clients from all over the world. Our ambition is to always realize yours!

Business & Corporate Law
Lei Jiang LLC’s business & corporate practice is dedicated to adding value to your business. We represent both domestic and foreign companies at all stages of their businesses and transactions. Our services include organizing startups, merger & acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate governance, restructuring, employment/labor, and many others. We are thorough, focused, and committed to your success.

Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must first obtain a visa, either a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay, or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. We at Lei Jiang, LLC realize that the U.S. visa application process can often be arduous and daunting. Our experienced and passionate attorneys strive to guide you through this process, direct you to the best means for entry into the United States, and remain devoted to managing your needs throughout the immigration process.

Intellectual Properties (Patent & Trademark)
We are licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our attorneys have extensive backgrounds in patent prosecution. We handle complex IP matters, including U.S. patent prosecution, international patent prosecution (PCT), patent prosecution under Paris convention, U.S. trademark prosecution, international trademarks (Madrid System), and other IP matters. We have helped many domestic and foreign businesses and inventors secure patents in the United States.

Real Estate
We offer a full range of services related to buying and selling properties, leasing, financing, construction, land use, and dispute resolution. We help our clients consummate their real estate deals/projects in a speedy and cost effective way. The properties we deal with range from single residences, apartment complexes, shopping malls, industrial buildings, and other commercial buildings. The size of the deals may vary but our goals are always the same: deliver excellent service to all of our clients.

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Client Testimonials

Mr. Jiang is a very good lawyer who is very professional when representing us. With Ms. Jiang’s efforts, we successfully froze the other side’s bank account which let us recoup most of our losses. In the final mediation phase, Mr. Jiang was able to seize their weaknesses and utilize our strengths, and eventually got the best results for us. Thank you very much, attorney Jiang.

A client

Attorney Jiang is diligent. She has skills and worked hard on our case. She worked on weekend too. The result was good.

A client

Excellent service and excellent attorney. Lei is very nice , professional, friendly, and took care of eveything and answered all my questions. she follows up with me on a regular basis, and replies to my emails within minutes (which I greatly appreciate!). Without her, I’m not sure what I would do. I highly recommend this firm and lawyer.


Attorney Jiang is sincere and serious. Her fee is reasonable. Reliable and trustworthy! Mr. Jiang defended my father’s sexual harassment case. Based on her forceful yet reasonable arguments, she convinced the prosecutor to drop the charge. My father was freed without charges.  Our family is very grateful. This legal team is a great, trustworthy team. (Translated from Chinese)

I run a restaurant in Cleveland more 10 years. She helped me solve some business issues two times.
She is always nice and professional.


She is a trusted professional and excellent lawyer.  She is serious and responsible. In my third store lease extension case, facing a extremely picky, harsh big corporation landlord, Attorney Jiang showed strong professionalism. After more than six months of nonstop efforts, we finally reached a resolution that was satisfactory to both sides, especially in renovation time and rent. Thank you again, Attorney Jiang! (Translated from Chinese)


Last year a person reported me to the police but have mistaken what happened. This lawyer helped me through this case. She helped me erase the case. She is a very sincere and helpful attorney. This year we had a restaurant lease that we thought was unfair to us and she helped me and my family to change that lease. I am very thankful for all the help she’s helped me.


Attorney Jiang is a very dedicated and diligent lawyer. In our lawsuit for fraud against the defendants, she worked for us tirelessly to come up with plans. strategies, and tactics. She often worked overtime on the weekend for our case.  She also strove to save costs for her clients. A very good lawyer. (Translated from Chinese)

A client

Review my case very carefully. Respond to customer very quickly.
Very convenient to contact, most of the communication are through emails and phone calls, it’s very flexible to accommodate my own schedule.


The service is great, she is hardworking and made the process much easier for me. Very helpful.

Jia Rong

Attorney Jiang is very careful with her service. She always tries to understand our point of view about legal issues.  I am very grateful for her service.

A client

Ms. Jiang is very professional and performed an excellent job.

A client

Ms. Jiang is a very good lawyer. She helps me review the lease. She is rather patient. Without her help, I cannot make it.


Lei Jiang is very responsible. She’s the best lawyer I’ve met. High efficiency and fair price. You will get a satisfied result.
Thanks again.

Eugene Zhang

Attorney Jiang is very capable professionally. She has a very good service and a great attitude. She is patience. My case was initially not in my favor, but Ms. Jiang helped me win the case. I was very satisfied with the results. (Translated from Chinese)


Passionate, efficient, great service, patient.


Lei is very nice. She is professional and devotion to her job. She is not just a lawyer and also like a sister. Thanks very much for her wonderful job for my case.

A client

After being together for seven years and paying off her husband’s credit card debt, my daughter’s husband abandoned her.

Ms. Jiang reviewed all the material we provided carefully, asked questions in a compassionate manner, and knew exactly what to do. She was clear, direct, professional, and genuinely interested. Because she is highly efficient, her hourly rate is more than fair. []


Attorney Lei Jiang worked diligently on my case.  She also responded to my questions quickly and advised me of all options.


I needed a prenup that required notarization and witness for signature. I asked Lei if she could help me and offered to pay for her service. However, she was kind enough to decline my offer and, instead, simply asked me to prepare proper documents and show up. I did with a friend as a witness. She asked her assistant as another witness while she completed the notarization process. It was a stress free professional service and I really appreciated that. Thank you Lei!


Attorney Lei Jiang is very responsible. She takes care of me. Even after my case is concluded, she answers my questions and questions about other matters. I will recommend her for lawsuit.


The lawyer showed a lot of patiences deal with all the oversea plantiffs, helped everyone to understand the procudures and the reason behind it. Worked very hard during the holidays to help the case settled.

A client

Mrs. Jiang has helped my clients for a business fraud case in Cleveland against 2 defendants from local and Florida. She acted fast and responsive. She helped my clients to avoid the deposition stage and negotiated to a reasonable settlement. I highly recommend Lei Jiang for international trade and business fraud cases.


I found Lei in a local newspaper ad. I had never used a lawyer before so I was anxious to speak to her about my marriage dissolution case. She quickly made me at ease with her suggestions and ways to go forward. Her response to my inquiries via phone and email was always prompt. Sometimes I wonder if she ever takes a vacation. If she was not available, her assistant would call or write to me. Overall, it was a positive experience working with her. One thing I really appreciated was that she offered advice on other issues without reminding me that her time is money. I just can’t deal with a lawyer who before anything else tells me her rate.

A client

I am a client from from Lei Jiang LLC, also a student from Kent State Univeristy. Lei Jiang represents my business establishment case. She reviewed our lease very carefully and later on she helped us to establish the company. I am satisfied with her through representation. She is professional. I definitely recommend her.


I am a student from Kent State University. I would like to thank attorney Lei Jiang for her help on us. She helped me navigate through the various regulations for business establishment. Attorney Lei Jiang assists clients at many of the firm’s locations across the nation, and her clients originate in countries around the world! As I know, Ms. Jiang presents seminars and delivers speeches at Most local Universities, for instance, Case Western Reserve University, as well as immigration law as it pertains to the international students community.


I am a student from Kent State University. Ms.Jiang helped me on my business establishment case. She is thoughtful and professional. Under the meticulously instruction of attorney Ms. Lei Jiang, we successfully established our restaurant business. I recommend this lawyer since she is so professional.


The lawyer in question and the firm as a whole were very professional. They walked me through the case step by step explaining what they needed from me and how they planned on proceeding with the case. They kept me up to speed as the case went on and made sure I was informed from start to finish.


Trials are very long and drawn out but Lei made the experience as painless as possible only having to meet in person once! Having busy schedules this is important to everyone. She kept everyone informed via email and phone and answered any questions we had. I would definitely recommend to someone in the future.


I am very satisfied with the legal service Lei Jiang provided to me. She is very professional and trustworthy. She always responds back to me very quickly. Also, her legal fee is very reasonable. I recommend her for legal service. In fact I am asking her to represent me in another legal matter right now.


I want to thank Lei Jiang Law Firm for their help with my case. Lei Jiang Law Firm did a good job, worthy of the trust of Chinese people. (Translated from Chinese)


It was such a privilege and a pleasure to work with Lei. She understands that you are a person with hopes, fears, and aspirations — not just a legal case. She was always encouraging while never giving false hope, and I will forever be grateful for what she did for me, her work, and her humanity. She always responded to my e-mails and was very patient with explaining what had to be done and how.


I am 100% satisfied with my legal representation from Lei Jiang LLC. Lei Jiang is an outstanding and competent attorney, and provided customer service beyond my expectations. I would one go to any other attorney for my legal needs.


Ms. Jiang represented us and won a real estate case all the way to Ohio Supreme Court. It took almost 2 years from beginning to end. She was always responsive and professional.

A real estate client

Although my case is relatively simple, she did a thorough and quick work in preparation. She was also easy to reach and responded to questions promptly. Also, she is friendly and made me feel at ease.

A divorce client

Ms. Jiang is a very good lawyer. I had other lawyers before. But none of them was even close to her level. She informed me on every aspect of the deal and looked out for me. She was always in contact. I am so glad that I found her. Her fee is very reasonable.


She was great. She patiently explained to me the whole process. Wrote the description and claims very well and speedily filed my international patent application. Her fee was very reasonable.

A patent application client

Very responsible and honest lawyers. Helped my startup and also answered my immigration questions for free. Great services and charge less. Highly recommended!

A business client
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