Business Litigation 

Lei Jiang Law Firm has helped many Chinese companies successfully litigate in the United States. Due to the rapid development of China’s economy and the huge potential of the US market, Chinese companies have more and more business transactions with US suppliers, customers, partners and investors, and business disputes have followed. But for now, due to various reasons, American companies have the absolute upper hand. It is common for American companies to sue Chinese companies in the United States. From business disputes, criminal investigations, to group lawsuits, it involves securities, intellectual property rights, product liability, antitrust, breach of contract, violation of labor laws and other aspects. Although Chinese companies are at a disadvantage, Jiang Lei Law Firm has successfully helped many Chinese companies successfully sue in the United States due to its unique capabilities and strengths, and more cases are in progress. 

Winning China-related litigation in U.S. courts requires attorneys to possess U.S. litigation skills and strategies, background knowledge of Chinese language and culture, and a solid understanding of international trade. Because such litigation often involves complex facts and novel legal issues, litigators must be highly skilled generalists. 

Strength of Lei Jiang Law Firm: 

a. The lawyers of Jiang Lei Law Firm are federal lawyers who can conduct litigation in state courts and federal courts. We generally prosecute or transfer to federal court whenever possible. This is because federal judges are generally considered more impartial than state court judges, and because federal courts are located in large cities, jurors are drawn from a larger community background. This is of great benefit to the successful litigation of Chinese companies. In addition, federal courts generally only accept larger lawsuits. 

b. The lawyers of Jiang Lei Law Firm have a deep understanding of important areas of American law such as product liability, securities, intellectual property, contracts, antitrust, and labor, and have relevant litigation experience and success rate. 

c. The lawyers of Jiang Lei Law Firm all have a background in Chinese language and culture. Even if they are not Asian lawyers, they have all been to China and trained in Chinese culture. Familiarity with business in China and the practical cultural issues Chinese companies face when involved in transnational disputes. 

d. Jiang Lei Law Firm has the ability to handle complex investigations, evidence discovery and research on the ground in China. In addition, we have established extensive connections with well-known Chinese law firms and are able to handle the most complex evidence collection work. 

e. Jiang Lei Law Firm is particularly good at large-scale commercial litigation, federal court litigation, and class actions. 

f. In addition, Jiang Lei Law Firm has a team specializing in litigation of Chinese companies in the United States. It has rich experience and many successful cases. It is the best team for Chinese companies in litigation in the United States. 

Whether a Chinese company wants to protect its due rights and sue an American company or receive a subpoena to become a defendant, we can help you. Our goal is to obtain the greatest benefits for Chinese clients.

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