Criminal Defense Law

We have extensive experience representing defendants in criminal matters.  We serve both as retained counsel for our clients as well as court appointed counsel. Below is a small sample of the cases that we have handled.

  • Domestic violation, Case No. 14 CRB 1927, Rocky River Municipal Court;
  • Shoplifting, Case No. 13 CRB00458, Berea Municipal Court;
  • Theft, Case No. 12 CRB 2971, Rocky River Municipal Court;
  • Stalking, Case No. CRB 1201642, Cleveland Heights Municipal Court.
  • Operating a massage parlor without a permit, Case No. CRB 1400450, Mentor Municipal Court;
  • Hit and run, Case No. TRD 14 02132A/B, Bulter County Area I Court;
  • Driving without license, TRD 1408799, Jackson County Municipal Court;
  • OVI & driving under suspended license, Case No. 12 TRC 04505, Rocky River Municipal Court;

We handle criminal cases with outmost care.  Whether it is a traffic violation, misdemeanor, or felony, we follow the same protocol.  Our firm’s approach has been to take the cases which have merits and will serve the justice in the end.  With the growing criminal defense practice, we have not lost the sight on our goals and this high calling.

Even criminals are not born to commit crime. Many of them made bad choice because something has affected them in the past. It could be a drug problem, an alcohol problem, or childhood abuses.  We understand that if we can help them with the current situation, then we can help them in the long run.

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