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Fee & Policy

At Lei Jiang LLC, we understand that hiring an attorney can be unexpected and expensive for most people. We believe that people deserve the access to American legal system, and cost should not be a barrier. Therefore, we make every effort to keep our fees very competitive and reasonable, and in the meantime provide exceptional legal services.  

Flat Fee. We generally work on a flat fee basis, depending on the complexity of your case. The fixed fee will not change regardless of the time required to handle your case, and it is normally less than what you would pay if determined strictly on an hourly basis, which is a tradition in the legal industry.  We will quote you the fee before we take your case. This will allow you to know with certainty the total cost for our services. We prefer that the entire fee be paid upfront. However, under certain circumstances, we will discuss payment arrangements with you if it is necessary.

Hourly Fee. We may charge by hour in special cases, such as litigation, ongoing business consultation, etc.  In a litigation case, there is a chance that your case may go to trial, and it is impossible to anticipate costs due to the adversarial nature of litigation. However, we can assure you that our hourly rates are very competitive and reasonable.

Before the Meeting

  • Tell us in advance the questions that you have, circumstances of the case, and what you would like to accomplish from our meeting. You can achieve this by email, or by phone.
  • Gather all documentations relevant to your case, photocopy them if possible, and bring them to our meeting.

During the Meeting

  • Disclose ALL information you have and known to you about your case. Do not be afraid or feel embarrassed about anything. This is critical to establish the best strategy to proceed in your case, and to be able to give you a realistic estimate in terms of the duration, cost and possible end results of the case. Any information not disclosed at the beginning of the case can have a negative effect on it, as our strategy would be based on erroneous or incomplete information.
  • Let the attorney know if you don’t understand any terms or points in the discussion. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Make sure that before you leave the meeting, you have an understanding of the estimated duration and costs involved, the potential complications, and what you can do to increase the speed and reduce the costs.

After You Hire Us

  • Make sure you update us on any changes in your contact or employment information.
  • Keep your files with all the documentation we send you throughout the duration of your case.
  • Communicate with us if you have any questions at any point during the process. Do not elicit legal information from others even though they may be going through a similar process to yours. Every case is in essence different, and even if they weren’t, there are other factors that affect it such as the time in which the case started, the evidence, the processes, and people who are working on your case on the other end (i.e. The US Immigration Service centers & officers, USPTO examiners, District Attorneys, etc.). Therefore, results on cases cannot be generalized by type of cases.

Communication During the Representation

  • We communicate with our clients and send them copies of all relevant documentations when we
    • Need additional documentation;
    • Have new information regarding their case (e.g., we receive immigration, USPTO, or court decisions, receipt notices, court dates, requests for additional documents, etc.);
    • Change in strategy;
    • Enter a new phase of the case;
    • Submit or file an application, motion, brief, response for request of documents, etc. with a particular agency, court, or opposing counsel.
  • If there is a long wait periods (especially for immigration and patent application), we will communicate approximately every 3-6 months or as required.
  • We communicate mostly via written correspondence as this creates a written history of the case. We communicate via the telephone only if the message is urgent.
  • We respond to client telephone messages in the order that they are received as well as by urgency. If the message is urgent, we'll do everything possible to respond quickly, normally on the same day. We recommend our clients to leave a detailed message outlining the nature of their question or concern, as this helps us to process swiftly and accurately.
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