Landlord and Tenant Law

We have extensive experience in real estate law in general and landlord-tenant law in particular.  In fact, our firm will work on a few dozen landlord-tenant cases each year, and our caseload is still growing.  Most of our landlord-tenant cases are in municipal courts.  The firm also routinely handles housing code violations, an area that is related to landlord and tenant law.  Still, our real estate practice is much broader — we have structured and completed many real estate transactions, appealed property tax assessments, and handled various property disputes in and out of court. A very small sample of the real estate cases that involved landlord-tenant disputes are listed beow.

  • Dong v. Glass, Case No. 14-CVG-5562, Bedford Municipal Court;
  • Vision Property Mgmt., LLC v. McCullough, Case No. 14-CVG-415, Bellefontaine Municipal Court;
  • Buckingham Mgmt., LLC v. Rogers, Case No. 14-CVG-7331, Cleveland Municipal Court;
  • Wu v. Steele, Case No. 14-CVG-12466, Cleveland Municipal Court;
  • City of Lakewood v. Kaja Holdings 2, LLC; Case No. 14-CVG-1927, Lakewood Municipal Court;
  • Fan et al. v. Crouch et al., Case No CV-14-824684, Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court

While many of the real estate matters we have handled are far more complicated than ordinary Landlord-tenant disputes, we are committed to providing the same excellent service to the client.  In this area, we represent landlords on variety of matters, including eviction, property damage, building code violation, health code violation, screening (tenant), advising on particular issues, etc.

For tenants, we can defend you in a wrongful eviction, lock-out by landlord, breach by landlord, represent you in disputes over security deposits in commercial leasing, etc. As transactional lawyers, we also routinely assist both parties in reviewing and negotiating leases and prepare other real estate documents in commercial leasing.

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