Legal Document Translation and Interpretation

Our firm provides translation and interpretation services in English and Chinese. We are dedicated to provide high quality, customer-oriented, fast and reliable services. 


  • Fast Turnaround 
    We have a network of translators who work around the clock to meet your needs promptly.
  • High Quality
    All our translators are highly experienced.  Many are specialized in certain fields, such as Law, Engineering, Science, Computer, Business, Art, etc. 
    Moreover, we are proud to offer highly sophisticated translation such as these related to patent application,immigration application, business transaction, etc.  For certain documents, our bilingual attorneys will review the translation and make sure that it is accurate and precise.
  • 5 Star Customer Service
    We are dedicated to provide the best service and help you through the process.
  • Most Reasonable Price
    We provide our services with the most reasonable rates. Even with our exceptional service,our rates are very reasonable. You are welcome contact us to get a free quote.
  • Confidential
    Confidentiality is strictly followed by our translators and case managers.


  • High-quality interpretation 
    All our interpreters are highly skilled and experienced. We have helped our customers on personal affairs, tough business negotiations, and interviews with federal and local government agency, such as 
    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS),
    United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE), 
    United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO),
    Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    Local government authorities such as: the police, Board of Tax Revision, etc.
    Moreover, we also provide in court interpretation service, in federal courts, common pleas courts, and municipal courts.
  • 5 star customer service
    We are dedicated to provide the best service by tailoring our service to your special needs and ensuring the best results.
  • Most reasonable price
    If you shop around, you will know our rate (for general interpreting service, $50/hour) is the most reasonable for such outstanding service.
  • Confidential
    Confidentiality is strictly followed by our interpreters and case managers.
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