Typical immigration case

Client’s name has been changed to protect privacy
  • Category 1 Outstanding Talent EB1

Mr. Tian has a Ph.D. from National Taiwan University and works in a company. But he has no important papers and no awards. He hired Lei Jiang Law Firm. After careful writing and careful selection of materials, his application was approved by the USCIS within two months.

  • Class II Outstanding Talent (EB2) plus National Interest Waiver (NIW)

Mr. Huang has a Ph.D. degree from China and is now working in a small company. H1B will expire in 6 months. He is anxious but does not feel eligible for a National Interest Waiver (NIW). Our law firm carefully drafted and selected materials, and his NIW application was approved by the USCIS within three months.

  • H1B work visa

Mr. Zhong works in a small company. Due to the current economic downturn in the United States, although he has a master’s degree, he is getting a bachelor’s salary. His company hired Lei Jiang Law Firm to help him apply for an H1B work visa. Our law firm carefully studied the situation of him and his company, found the most suitable position, and carefully wrote his job description, so that Mr. Zhong quickly obtained the H1B visa.

  • Deportation

In December 2011, Mr. Wu found Lei Jiang Law Firm. The legal process for his deportation has dragged on for a long time. He initially hired a New York attorney, but his court date in immigration court in Cleveland slipped from 2009 to 2013. Mr. Wu hopes that Lei Jiang Law Firm can help him solve his case as soon as possible. Our law firm carefully analyzed his case and believed that he complied with Section 245(i). Our law firm negotiated with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE –Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and submitted relevant materials to the court, so that the court ended his deportation and transferred his case to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. His status was resolved in 45 days which he had been waiting for years. Mr. Wu was very grateful for the help of our law firm.

  • Citizenship

Mr. Zhang applied for naturalization. However, during the approval and interview, it was discovered by the US Immigration Services that he had taken fingerprints for others in the past. They also found that other people had used Mr. Zhang’s documents to apply for immigration. This is a very serious matter. USCIS can not only deny his citizenship, but also revoke his green card and send him back to his country. Mr. Zhang hired Lei Jiang Law Firm. We helped him explain it to USCIS which allowed his application for naturalization to go through smoothly.

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