Typical Real Estate Cases

Client names have been changed to protect privacy
  • Shopping mall

A restaurant decides to purchase the mall where it is located. It hired Lei Jiang Law Firm. From negotiating the price, drafting the contract to the entire transfer, we helped the restaurant to complete the transaction smoothly.

  • Office building transaction

A company intends to buy an office building. It hired Lei Jiang Law Firm to do relevant investigation and negotiation. Finally, the transaction was successfully completed. Buying and selling commercial real estate is usually different than buying and selling residential real estate. There are relevant laws to protect the interests of buyers (consumers) in the sale and purchase of residential houses. Commercial real estate is completely subject to the contract. The buyers must do their own due diligence. Without the help of a lawyer, it is difficult to protect their interests.

  • Family home sales

Ms. Zhang wants to sell her house and has found a buyer. She hired Lei Jiang Law Firm to help her write the contract and handle all transfer procedures. Our law firm only charged her $2,000 in legal fees and settled everything. Ms. Zhang saves a lot of real estate agent commission (Ms. Zhang’s house price is about $250,000, 6% commission will be $15,000).

  • Landlord (owner) eviction

A real estate company in Georgia rented a house in Ohio to a tenant for rent-to-buy. The tenant did not pay the rent after moving in. The real estate company hired Lei Jiang Law Firm  to successfully evict the tenant and recover the arrears. Lei Jiang Law Firm represents landlords in 75 cities under the jurisdiction of 16 municipal courts in Northeast Ohio in evictions and claims against tenants and companies for non-payment of rent. Our firm is also an attorney of appointment for the Northern Ohio Apartment Association. Our policy is no fee for unsuccessful attempts.

  • Tenant’s response to owner’s unreasonable blackmail

Mr. Lin is the owner of a chain store. He has locations in upscale malls in many states. Lei Jiang Law Firm helped him solve many business problems and disputes. Mr. Lin’s branch in Columbus, Ohio was relocated for some reason. During the relocation, branch employees cleaned the site and repaired all damages. But shortly after the branch moved out, the landlord sued him and his branch for damage to the storefront and demanded compensation. Mr. Lin was very angry. Our law firm represented him in court. In the end, the landlord lost the lawsuit due to insufficient evidence and unreasonable demands.

  • Lease contract review

Ms. Ma wants to rent a store in a shopping mall, and has negotiated the basic price and contract with the landlord. The landlord verbally agreed to many of her requests. Then he gave her a 30-page small-letter lease for her to sign. Ms. Ma was worried and asked Lei Jiang Law Firm to review it for her. After our law firm reviewed it, we told her the details. That small print lease is nothing like the landlord’s verbal promise. Although our law firm came forward and the landlord made concessions, Ms. Ma decided not to rent the store. Later she found a better place. A lease is a very important legal document in the United States. Landlord’s lawyers often embed a lot of clauses that are very unfavorable to tenants. Without careful review, the tenant could be in big trouble once the contract is signed.

  • Real estate tax grievances and appeals

Mr. Ouyang bought an office building from the court auction at nearly half the market price a year ago. Mr. Ouyang wants to reduce the real estate tax of this building. He hired Lei Jiang Law Firm. We filed a complaint with the Cuyahoga County Board of Revision. However, after the hearing, the revised Board of Directors believed that the auction price could not be used as the market price, so they did not agree to reduce the real estate tax on this building. Our firm appealed the decision of the County Board of Directors to the District Court with additional submissions. In the end, the District Court decided to reduce the real estate tax of this building.

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