Why do you need to apply for a US patent?

There are many advantages to applying for a US patent, such as:

  • US laws and intellectual property system are well established, and provide strict protection of intellectual property;
  • Once the patent owner wins the lawsuit, the compensation can be far greater than that of other countries;
  • The U.S. market is open and is the largest consumer market in the world, so the value of U.S. patents is far greater than that of other countries;
  • Products with U.S. patent rights are easier to enter the U.S. market, more competitive, and more profitable;
  • Even if the patent owner does not sell its patented products to the United States, it still has a great opportunity to sell its patented technology to others through patent licensing;
  • Compared with other major developed countries and regions, the cost of applying for a U.S. patent is relatively low;
  • After obtaining the patent, the patent owner can request the US Customs to prohibit any products that infringe its patent rights from entering the United States;

Therefore, the United States is undoubtedly the first choice for patent applications.

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