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EB5 Regional Center Questions and Answers

Question: What is difference between direct investments and regional center investments? Does the processing time differ? I want to choose the best way to do it.

Attorney Lei Jiang: For individual investor, there should not be much difference in the processing time. Direct investment relies on direct job creation while regional centers can rely on direct and indirect job creation. Therefore in this regard, investing in a regional center project is normally safer than investing in a U.S. company directly.

Question: I plan taking Regional Center 500K Investment Route for Green Card. USCIS site says current processing time is 12 months. Currently I’m holding B1/B2 Visa & have been visiting US regularly for the past 10+ Years. One of the attorneys has assured me that after identifying & subscribing to EB5 Program, a B1/B2 Visa holder can enter US and while petition is pending. He (Attorney) can get the permission from authorities to allow me to come back legally & conduct business. But I’ve heard conflicting opinions. Could you help me on this?

Attorney Lei Jiang: You might encounter a problem with your B1 visa because B1 does not allow immigration intent. By filing an EB5 immigration petition, you basically tell USCIS you intend to immigrate to U.S. Consulate has enormous power to reject your B1 visa and its decision is not subject to any review. No attorney can get you permission in this situation.

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