A Complete Success in Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

On September 27, 2018, the Sixth Circuit affirmed the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio’s ruling on all aspects in Rui He, et al. v. Davor Rom, et al. Case No. 17-3411. This marked a complete victory for Plaintiffs in this case. Plaintiffs-Appellees were led by attorney Lei Jiang in this appeal.

The case was initially filed as a class action. It is related to real estate. Defendant-Appellant Davor Rom and his various companies sold over three hundred (300) distressed real estate properties as highly lucrative investment opportunities to foreign investors from six continents. It was a large-scale fraudulent scheme which harmed more than 140 investors.

Subsequent to Sixth Circuit decision, Defendants-Appellant filed en banc rehearing request. Defendants can also try to petition U.S. Supreme Court for hearing.

This is a very complex case involving a large amount of electronically stored information and international transactions, many parties, numerous linked parts, and intricate schemes. If your case is this complex and the stakes are this high, you certainly need a skilled litigation law firm to represent you. Please contact us.

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