Employment and Labor Law

We have a robust employment and labor law practice.  Our areas include:

  • Employment discrimination;
  • Workplace harassment;
  • Worker’s compensation;
  • Wrongful termination;
  • Employment contracts and non-compete agreements;
  • Regular rate miscalculation, preparatory work, on-duty meal periods, short rest periods, waiting and travel time;
  • Tax issues
  • Employee benefits and retirement plans; and
  • Compliance & Best practices.

In fact, two of our current class action cases are employment cases: Ruiyao Chen v. Yellow Tail, Inc., No. 5:12-CV-01588 (N. D. Ohio) and Sardisco v. Direct Import Home Décor, No. 1:13-CV-2701 (N.D. Ohio).  We have represented both employers and employees in lawsuits. One important benefit for having been employer’s and employee’s counsel is that we have been on the other side and can see the issues from the opposing party. This also enables us to quickly assess the case and seek a common ground for a speedy resolution.

As employee’s counsel, we advocate the rights and wages of workers to the fullest extent. If you believe that you are underpaid, that you are not paid for overtime, that you have been discriminated against, or that your rights have been violated in some ways, please contact us. Our initial consultation is free!

We have represented many workers in Ohio in litigation. We handle minimum wage violations, overtime compensation violations, harassment, discrimination and retaliation. We can file individual wage actions or class actions to vindicate yours and others rights.

We also defend employers in employment lawsuits. In this scenario, the goal is a quick and effective resolution. We also advise corporate clients on proper employment and labor practice, so that clients can avoid the costly labor disputes in the first place.

In every case we provide personal and focused representation to every client. Whether you want to have your rights protected or are being sued, we can help. Our goal is the same – to serve you with our best skills and knowledge, and to achieve fair and desirable results.


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